It’s popcorn – but not as we know it.

Thanks for visiting Harley’s Fantastic Foods. We love what we do, and we’re here to share it with you.

For us, it’s about making food that is real, proper and honest. So good, my daughter Eleana has it every day.

Eleana loves it, and we know you will too.

We said it’s different – and now you want to know why, right?

First up, it’s our ethos. We believe snack food should taste great and not leave you feeling guilty.

But that doesn’t have to compromise flavours – and by crikey have we got some flavours for you.


There's the very moreish Tomato Paprika.

It tastes superb when combined with an adult beverage (consumed sensibly) while you bask in the glory of the New Zealand summer and enjoy a picturesque reddy-orange sunset.

Kids hungry?

They’ll love our other two flavours – there’s berrilicious Strawberry and choctastic Chocolate Zinger, a classic Kiwi combo!

Flavour is our strength

We’re already working on the next taste sensation. We aim to constantly evolve our products to keep you coming back for me.

Where other popcorn brands finish….well, we’re just getting started!

Thanks for checking us out and giving our popcorn the taste test.