By now, you’ve probably worked out Harley’s popcorn is different to the others.

And that’s not just the flavours.

Our main point of difference is how we make our popcorn.

While pretty everyone else is popping their corn in hot oil, we’re popping our corn using forced hot air.

And that means low on carbs. Don’t feel guilty, folks – relax and enjoy one of our three great flavours.

But how about those flavours: we really have got something for everyone in the family or the household.

“I’m selling flavour,” says Harley. “What makes it different is flavours the other popcorn companies aren’t offering. I’ve been inspired by manufacturers who are setting the new global standard for healthy snack products.”

Sweet or spicy – you can decide which one of Harley’s products tickles your tastebuds.

Tomato Paprika is crisp with a spicy zing, and it hits the spot while you’re enjoying an adult beverage.

Berrilicious Strawberry is light with a fruity tang.

Chocolate Zinger is dainty with a citrus twang.

Why does it matter?

Because Harley knows what goes on behind those big food factory doors. He spent more than 15 years working for two major British food brands, and he knows their secrets.

Harley’s story is driven by a desire to make a healthy, tasty and loveable product for kids like his daughter, and one all the family will love.

He’s happy to tell you his products are dairy-free and vegetarian-friendly: no animals are harmed to produce Harley’s Magnificent Popcorn.

There’s even animals on the packets – a kiwi on the Chocolate Zinger, a unicorn on the Strawberry and a dragon on the Tomato Paprika…. All of which hint at what’s to come!

By now, you’ve worked out Harley stands by his product and does things differently. It’s all part of an ethos which is at the core of the product and business.

“Part of my story is driven by a desire to make a healthy, tasty and loveable product for kids like my daughter.”

We love to make it, and we reckon you’ll love it.